Casino Your Way

Making it easier to join the fun

Making it easier to join the fun

Casinos BC


4 weeks


Branding, UI Design


Pound & Grain - Agency

Graham MacInnes - Creative Director

Grant Fraggalosch - Creative Director, Copy

Casinos BC tasked us with coming up with a unique brand and website for their pilot project: Casino Your Way. The goal of this pilot was to teach people how to play popular casino games and solve the barrier of entry many people have in coming to the casino (not knowing how to play the games). The goal was to position the initiative as a way for groups to start their night out. 

We created a modern, Gatsby-inspired (Art Deco) visual language that created a unique and classy look, designed to stand out on the casino floor, without seeming like a training program designed for beginners only.

The Casino Your Way style guide provides an overview of the visual style for use by the client's marketing team
A condensed style guide provided an overview of the visual language to be used by the client marketing team to produce supporting materials as needed.

For Casino Your Way's digital presence, our client wanted to create a simple site that explained the features of the program and provided an easy way for a user to book a time to play with their friends.

The Games and Reserve Table screens from the Casino Your Way desktop website.
The Casino Your Way microsite provided an overview of the program availability and the option to reserve a table online.

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