Omara Health Exchange

Bridging the gap between health and technology

Bridging the gap between health and technology

Omara Health Exchange


5 months


Naming, Branding, User Experience, User Interface Design


Pound & Grain - Agency

Graham MacInnes - Creative Director

Scott Lew - Creative Director, Copy

Kateland Clarke - Design Director


The TELUS team behind their Health Exchange offering, approached us to rebrand their platform that allows health providers and vendors to seamlessly and securely exchange health data between each other. As they grew into the industry, they recognized a need to be seen as a brand, rather than a product within the TELUS portfolio. This product competes directly with offerings from the likes of Amazon and Facebook, so we were faced with the challenge of breaking into an industry of healthcare technology that was currently dominated by some big names.

The key challenges we were tasked with addressing in this project:


To ensure the client stood out in the competitive healthcare technology sector, they wanted something that was own-able, unique and stood on its own when put up against its competition.

The client made many connections between their product and the natural world, most notably the interconnected nature of rivers and streams, which served as a jumping off point for our teams naming exercises. We explored a variety of directions, from an abstraction of nature, to sci-fi and beyond. What we landed on felt inherently connected to the natural world, struck a nice visual balance and translated favourably internationally.

Omara means "flourishing" which is powerful and ambiguous at the same time, allowing us to really own it and build the brand story around it. Visually, the word has a nice balance and it can be pronounced smoothly with a natural rhythm.


At this stage, I explored a variety of different ways we could articulate Omara's values and stand out among the competition. Explorations included visual language, photography, typography and logo symbols.

Key icon and wordmark explorations looking at how collaboration can be conveyed using simple forms.
This concept conveys movement through a bold wave graphic and warm palette that speaks to the underlying pillars of collaboration and shared success between Omara and their partners.
Inspired by the dynamic ever-changing nature of the Aurora Borealis, paired with a bold colour palette and unique image treatment to showcase the core values of Omara.
This concept positions Omara as setting the foundation for their partners businesses to grow upon, through layering of organic shapes and minimalist imagery inspired by nature.

Brand Guidelines

After fine tuning the selected logo mark and creative concepts, we worked to create a full brand book to aid the Omara team in creating brand communications and marketing materials. During this process, we were asked to adjust the second concept above, so it more closely tied into the TELUS masterbrand. This included guidelines for the usual typography, iconography, logo system, colour palette and imagery, while ensuring extra consideration for use of the visual language in interactive and animated concepts.

Selected screens from the Omara Brand Book, including UI elements, photography, iconography and collateral.

Web Experience

To officially launch this new brand, we created a unique micro site experience that brought all of the brand fundamentals to life. The web experience incorporates the motion principles defined in the branding stage, including subtle touches of parallax, a dynamic hero treatment of the aurora gradient and unique microinteractions for buttons throughout. This microsite educated these users on Omara's value proposition, their guiding principles and provided a channel for them to get in contact with the Omara sales team for more information.

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