Hey! I'm Ethan.

A Vancouver-based Product Designer currently crafting delightful experiences with the Shopify Flow team.

Photo of Ethan Sztuhar, Digital Designer

Over the past seven years, I have gained a wealth of experience in various settings (agency, in-house, integrated client team) on different projects covering Branding, Product Design, Interaction Design, Video Editing and Motion Graphics. My exposure to this range of work enables me to create innovative, strategic design solutions for many platforms.

By combining user-centered design principles with the art of storytelling, I am committed to creating memorable digital experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

I take a research-based approach to my work, gathering insights from users and staying up-to-date on best practices to create innovative and intuitive experiences.


User experience beyond digital.

My aim is to bring the physical and digital world together to provide users with a single, unified experience. I accomplish this by utilizing user experience principles across all projects from branding to packaging to digital.


Design for the journey, not the destination.

I strive to create solutions that are crafted with users in mind, setting the foundation with their needs and building upon it with business requirements. This helps to create a seamless journey for the user and enables businesses to achieve their goals organically.


Unlocking creativity with accessibility.

Creating an accessible product doesn't constrain creativity - it sets it free. It can ensure that everyone - regardless of ability - can access and experience our work in all its beauty, creating an end product that brings joy to all.

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