Arc'teryx Alpha + Gore-tex

Introducing the all-new Alpha SV

Introducing the all-new Alpha SV



5 weeks


UI Design, Interaction Design


Pound & Grain - Agency

Graham MacInnes - Creative Director

Arc'teryx - Photography, Videography & 3D

For F20, we worked with Arc’teryx to create a landing page to tell the story of their partnership with Gore-Tex and their latest collaboration, a redesigned Alpha SV Jacket with a new material and new feature set. The Arc'teryx team created a series of abstract animations to describe the various benefits of their Gore-Tex materials and how they all come together in their new flagship jacket, the Alpha SV.

From a brand perspective, the Arc'teryx team wanted this page to stand out from others on their site, with bolder typography and unique interaction designs throughout. We worked closely with the client to showcase the photography and 3d animation and use them to highlight key features of the jacket.

Key sections of the Alpha SV desktop experience, utilizing bold visuals and unique interaction patterns.
Key sections of the Alpha SV mobile experience, which featured simplified interactions and a touch optimized experience.

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