404 Gin

Serving up some holiday cheer

Serving up some holiday cheer

Pound & Grain


2 months


Packaging Design, Branding, UI Design


Pound & Grain - Agency

Scott Lew - Creative Director

Ivana Atlija - Copywriter

Jessica Luch - Photographer

Jane Lee - Videographer

As the new blood on the creative team, Ivana and I were tasked with creating something completely unique for the agency holiday gift, while making sure it was a worthy follow-up to the previous years heart-felt gift.  From branded chia pets to P&G emojis, we explored various ways to show appreciation to our clients.

What we landed on embodied P&G, and it was the perfect way to say cheers to our clients and ring in the holiday season. We partnered with Pemberton Distillery to create a small batch gin to serve as the base of our gift. We also created a short video to serve as an introduction to our gift and how it came to be.

Key brand visuals from the recipe shoot, social media and the distillery photoshoot.
Left: Cocktail promotional shoot, Middle: Animated social post, Right: Distillery process shoot

Along with the video and photo shoots of the distillery, product and recipe creation, we created a website to bring it all together, to stay true to our digital agency roots. The landing page showcased the tasting notes of our gin, the ingredients of our cocktail and more about our entire process.

The 404 brand set the foundation for future agency holiday gifts, with follow up gifts 404 Coffee (2019) and 404 Fight the Boredom (2020).

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